Building the life you want doesn’t happen overnight. This is a letter to you about the journey that changed my life.


Hey there! I'm Alex Oscco.

what's up bro?

You might think that I was naturally blessed with genetics or the ability to go up to a cute girl and talk to her. It was actually the complete opposite. I felt like I never deserved to date the girls I wanted, I always let other people have their way while I sat on the sidelines. I wasn’t confident.

Sure, I was smart and had friends, but I wasn’t living the life I truly wanted. I so badly wanted to live a life that I wanted. To be fit, have confidence, and finally get people to notice me for who I was.

I’ve done it all. I made the mistake of buying the premium service on a dating app to see what I’m worth to girls. I tried to live up to my parents expectations way past the age of 18. I had gone to the gym for 2 years trying to get the coveted 6-pack. None of it was working.


It wasn’t until I decided to take a leap of faith. If you lose in a video game you can so easily hit that reset button so why not take a chance to clutch it? Most people take a chance in a video game and end up getting a super clutch play. I took that mentality to life. My own personal reset button. I decided that no matter how many mistakes I made, I needed to take a chance.

I started eating better and after a few hard months of training and following a solid nutrition program, I finally saw my 6-pack for the first time. I built the confidence to go up to the girls I was attracted to and talk to her even though I was nervous. I even started one of the best fitness and nutrition programs out there. One that not only helps you look amazing, but also creates a confidence that lasts you a lifetime.

This time it’s your turn. I invite you to join the Lifting Club Fitness and Nutrition Program: “All Eyes on You”

Catch ya on the other side brother.

-Alex Oscco

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