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I often asked myself that same question.

What do you need to do to build the body you want?

You might’ve been inspired to start your fitness journey by a social media influencer or because you knew you were meant for something greater.

I get it. You came here seeking a change in your life and a chance to finally show the world what you’re made of.

What I’ve found out about fitness and nutrition is that there is no perfect solution for everybody. Each person is different, and they need individual care to achieve success.

Whether your goal is to reshape your body, compete on stage, or simply to add structure to your routine, I can help you. I commit to providing you the best online training experience I possibly can. My nutrition programming includes delicious meals, the training protocol will challenge you, and you will learn how to make a long-lasting change to your physique.


I dare you. Dare you to inspire.

And I'm going to help you get started.


1. You may have been to the gym for a few years or are just starting out. Either way, the best leaders are also the best followers. My clients are successful because they know how to do both. Become coachable and you will also learn how to make a change not only in yourself, but for those whom you inspire.


2. Great responsibility requires a great sacrifice. What’s the biggest roadblock holding you back? The time commitment? The financial cost? Other people’s opinions? Together we will work past each roadblock that keeps you stuck from progress.


3. Ever heard of go big or go home? At Alexander Athletics you’ll hear get massive or get passive. This is your time to shine. You’ll need to take action if you’re going to get results. No worries, I’ll be with you each step of the way to catch you if you fall.

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MEET Coach Alex

Alex Oscco is a world class online fitness and nutrition coach. He is committed to helping you break past your plateau’s to finally get you moving in the right direction. Even though Alex trains intensely to compete in classic physique competitions, he loves to focus on helping you build up the person you want to be, improve your physique, and become an inspiration to those around you.

He spends his time studying delicious meal prep recipes, optimal training habits, and the mindset you need to take your fitness game to the next level. However, he isn’t in serious mode 24/7. Alex loves to make fun YouTube videos, play competitive Smash Brothers, and is a major foodie. He has been able to connect with top brands such as 1Up Nutrition, APL, Vitamin Shoppe, Feast Mode Flavors, and more to help connect his clients with the best the fitness industry has to offer.

He is also known for his enthusiastic and contagious smile. He tends to have an aura of positivity around him all the time and more often than not, will brag about you because he will become your number 1 fan.

Alex offers online fitness lifestyle and competition prep training services with carefully selected individuals aspiring to reach their fitness goals. These selected individuals are ready to take on a change in themselves and the challenge to inspire the world!